I need a coding partner sign up below



I need a coding partneed I've made a thing on hopscotch about it but I got no replies so if u want to be my coding partner read the rules under this and reply with ur name

RULES:if you want to be my coding partner you can't be sarcastic rude or mean you can only be nice and I need a coding partner cause I can't make good games 2. Basicly only 1 rule idk why I made this rule


Sorry, but we have coding partners already. Maybe Shaggy G.? He doesn't have a forum account.


I'll accept sign ups tonight I'm going away for a few hours to school I'll be back at 5:00 .P.M I have an after school thing for 1-2 hours so I'll be here at 5:00pm tpday


I mean today


I will be your coding partner!