I need a coding partner! 😁



Hey there! I need a coding partner! Just answer this 2 questions.



How active do you want to be?

How active can you be?


Sorry, I'm busy :grimacing:


Can you send some of your projects?
Also, what is your biggest HS achievement?


Hi it's me @PrincessBunny1 I am active on Friday,Saturday,and Sunday


Look at my profile pick it is so cute


Yes, it's cute.


What does Igbot mean


Let Get Back On Topic

Also I might be able to be your coding partner @SomeWonder but I'm not on that much and I'm not a great coder


Want to talk about pixel art


Let's get back on topic, because this is @SomeWonder's topic about a coding partner :)


Okay my topic or your topic


My username is Digits Of Pi

I make cool projects