I Need a Coding Partner! Competition! {PLEASE JOIN! 3 MORE SPOTS}



Hey guys!

I really need a coding partner to help me with some parts of my projects that I'm not good at!


You must be using Hopscotch (pretty simple)
You must have at least a bit of experience with HS (again, pretty simple)

How This Will Work

I'm going to allow 8 people to enter the "contest." Using a bracket generator, each person will play against someone else for each round. You have to make a project based on the theme I say. Best project advances to the next round!

I hope you enter!





Does anyone want to join? Anyone?


Ok. Seriously! Nobody is joining!


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Friendly Mass Tag List!


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Hello! Can I be in the contest?


Can I join?????????:frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:


Weren't you quitting? Or did I miss something?


You've missed a lot of stuff :wink:


Actually, I knew this would happen.
And I read back through your posts.



I'll join your an awesome hopscotcher! :blush:


Can I be in the contest?


Sorry I can't enter sorry again!


Sorry, I already have two coding partners. But good luck! :slight_smile:


I would join, but I might be selected as @SUPERSWAGGY's partner (doubtful). Also, I don't do music competitions, and those are kinda popular...


This is not a music competition...


4 more people guys!!!


Bumping this back up to the top...


I ENTER!!!!!!!! @SabotageWarning


3 MORE SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz join