I need a best friend in hopscotch my user name is ben merritt


Just give me your username


my username is Hoopster116 :slightly_smiling: (In Hopscotch)


My username is Doodliedoo :wink:


Welcome to the forum! Make sure to not share your whole name, that is personal info!


I will follow you if you follow me ok


It's not safe to use your full na.me as your username. It's also not safe to share your full nam.e on the internet. . :wink:


It's not my ■■■■■■■■■


Oh ok! Also, welcome to the forum! Throws confetti! My hopscotch username is KawaiiPixie.

Things that might help since you're new :D


Can you be my friend to help me in hopscotch


A friend can not be asked for.

A friend must be found.


thanks RobotPro that was good advice


Is your name Evan? Sorry if it sounds creepy just wondering (you don't have to answer) :wink: