I must know! Your choice BTW read on to understand


I have tons and tons of projects going on. I must know what order to do them. This is good for you guys because... Well... You choose what you want. Here's the poll!

  • That Dragon Cancer (to raise cancer awareness)
  • My Virtual Friend (for everyone who's #ForeverAlone XD)
  • Draw A Stickman Epic
  • Dancing Stickman with music (music is Demons by Imagine Dragons)
  • Next thing on the list for me doing the impossible (my pet bird)



*whips out tag list

Yeah It's Obvious What This Is....



It's tied! I need 1 or 2 more votes!


one more vote. please for a potato?


It Voted For The Cancer One Beacause Cancer Needs To Stop!


We haven't found a way to stop it yet.... But raising awareness might get some people to donate which could lead to finding a cure.


Yeah, If Cancer Was A Person I Would Punch It In The Face


Cancer can never be stopped. Our cells will continue to mutate. There is no possible way right now to wipe out cancer.


Um, Don't Take It Literally


Cancer is the abnormal growth of tumors, and that's by the abnormal growth of cells during mitosis (cells keep dividing) and then the tumor steals nutrition from the rest of the body which makes it grow bigger :frowning:
Don't think that we can't stop cancer. Many researchers have been researching about it.
One day, it will be cured.
Or maybe two-day. (Do you see what I did there?)

You never know...

because you yes XD


I Know What Cancer Is! OMG​:angry:


Ok here's the order:

  1. That Dragon Cancer (not about a dragon with cancer)
  2. My Virtual Friend
  3. Draw A Stickman Epic (Gonna be EPIC)
  4. My Pet Bird
  5. Dancing Stickman


Can you use the updated tag list please? I removed my name already.