I must improve!


Hello! It's Crazy_cake and I would like to improve my coding skills (games)
This is for anyone to answer, how can I improve my account called Crazy_cake. Please visit it not for likes or follows but I want you hopscotchers to be brutally honest with me! Comment down below how I can improve! Thank you! - Crazy_cake


First of all, remixes lessen the quality of your published tab. Try not to remix!

Second of all, learn how to code well! If it's hard for you, watch the videos and see if you can get what the code means instead of having it as what people call "sudo code", which means code you don't get! :smile:


Thank you! I think I'm good on the remixing part, I almost never remix! :sweat_smile: And the other things are really helpful @Rawrbear


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Here, have a like! :heart:


Nice post! @Intellection74 I will definitely do some of the things that it said :D.


If only it was that simple XD


@SUPERSWAGGY I know right! If only I woke up one day and could code like MagmaPOP




Here's a like! :heart:


Try to make big projects like a game.


I LOVE your coding skills! Maybe just post more?


Thank you!!! @Stick88 and @Deadfr