I miss the old forum in 2016


I'm having a MAJOR case of nostalgia I'm literally in tears someone help me we need to bring back LGBT.coder and Like a girl stuff and the early 2016 hopscotch and hopscotch forum back like really I miss it as much as friendship acc :tired_face::sob::sob::sob:


LGBT is still going on tho?


Ik but I miss LGBT.coder and sparkczy and I miss the whole mi thing


I don't get, sorry :/


mini it was in early 2016 that was the best part of the forum


Oh, okay.


yes and the first drawing topic before it was blown up
and when magmapop, orangescent and lotsapizza were here


I can also feel like this sometimes.

There was also the New Year's Party, that was really fun!


Yeah I remember I was the first reply and like in the drawing topic
It felt so good


Yeah I remember having hot chocolate on that day :joy::sob:



I know,
I remember how it was like when I first joined in Augest 2015. HF was great!


you were also the first like


Yeah.. I miss the old 2016 forum.. And 2015... When I was actually active... And knew more people...
A lot of people have left... :[


I remember I had just joined a month before and was at Disney World then

April—August was definitely the best time for the forum, I loved those days and wanna go back :/

Y'kno, when Gilbert, Kiwi, PT, and BAS were still here


I pretty much miss what the forum was for like the first half year or so.
However there are more users, and less moderators, so things are falling apart a little. (Wait, is it "a little"?)


It's 2017, time to move on.


Yes, definitely.. :(


You're right, but we should still strive for a better forum.


But sometimes, I like to leave things as how it is....
...and that would only benefit me