I might quit hopscotch


I might quit hopscotch coz I make really hard things that no one plays


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Thank you very much I won't quit now


JUST KEEP TRYING, don't give up because of popularity. I used to have 3 likes now my highest is 345, you will make it there but quitting isn't gonna help you! And this is a coding app iT wasn't meant to be a game of who's more popular :slight_smile: keep trying please, I don't like seeing any hopscotchers go!


Most of the projects i make are difficult to code and hard to play.
I recently made a drawpad where you can't draw by swiping the screen with your fingers,unlike all the other drawpads ppl have made that do this. My motivation lately is "Think the Unthinkable. Do the Undoable"
Think of something ridiculous or insane or has never been done and do that, regardless of what the general public thinks or likes.


Thank you guys :grinning:


I'm glad you are staying now :slight_smile: what's your hopscotch username? I am Crazy_cake


tankt2016 (us) is now following you. And maybe you should make more colorful games, and use the Leave A Trail and Set Color blocks. The Hopscotch Team likes colorful projects.


Just keep coding just keep coding _hopscotch Dory


I agree with @tankt2016 :wink: hopscotch team likes colors :wink:


Don't worry about those types of things! Keep trying! Hopscotch is for coding and having fun, not how many hits you have! And if you just keep working at it, you will learn, grow, and become an amazing coder with some big outstanding projects that have a lot of likes! You already are super good, you've come such a long way, don't give up now!


At first I had 2-3 likes on a project. Ive been on for about 7 months and my highest is now 2000. So just keep coding and you will receive attention if you put effort into your projects and try your best.


Oh well thank you for following me I followed you back


Thank you I will follow you back


Thank you I will follow you


Thank you.Btw I have just relized that my games are quite bad.Not sure if you have played them or not?


Thank you very much.I will consider that


To everyone



Don't quit. I did, and it was a terrible decision.


That's a bit of topic