I might quit hopscotch soon sorry


Hi guys I'm sorry to say I might be quiting hopscotch it's just I'm terrible at everything on there so yeah


Don't quit! You just joined, after all. Just work at it, and you'll get better! :D


Just keep coding, I wasn't good when I started, but I got better!


But I just ok here's the truth everyone hates me ok never mind I'm crying in real life now


No one hates you...


No one here hates you! In fact, we all support you, and will help you. Don't quit, we can help you with code, or we can give support.

I cry when other people cry, so guess what I am doing right now



Yes everyone does someone posted on hopscotch kklovesblue needs to get off hopscotch and 92 people like it





Well, if you don't want hater to hate you off report bad things people make about you, Change your username so those people can't find and say made things about you (optional)


Thanks dude that made my day


Stay hopscotch is great and your great too


Don't leave!!!! Please!


I don't hate you! Don't cry!