I might leave... WAIT WHAT? NEVERMIND!


I had HS on my school iPad last year and since over the Summer there's no school (well duh), The school took back all the iPads. What they didn't tell us... Was that we weren't going to have iPads the next year. This year on the first day of school which was today, they gave us laptops instead of iPads. And they can't download HS on the laptop. So I won't have HS ever again. ;-;

So I'm wondering if I should stay on the forum. It's not really logical for me to be on the forum when I don't even have HS anymore. Please answer the poll honestly.

  • Leave, this is the HS forum and you don't have HS so you can't be helpful.
  • Stay.
  • Idk, it's your decision.
  • I don't really care.


Votes are public.


Stay you are helpful!


I wish there was an option for two votes. I'd like you to stay, but if you feel you should leave, it's not in my right to stop you.


Wot? No please stay!


I really want you to stay!
Your very kind and helpful!

The reason I voted 'idk, it's ur choice' is because I dont want to force you to leave. It's up to you!


I want you to stay, but it's your decision, I hope you stay though.

buy an iphone its quick and easy


Obviously you don't have one since you don't know know expensive they are.



I don't have school iPad over summer and the forum keeps me updated and I can still Hopscotch! :D


What kind of computers are they?
Cause if it is a chrome book they should update it and when the Hopscotch version of android comes out you can play Hopscotch.


Yeah but I won't ever get HS back, the school can't download it on the laptops they gave us.


It is a chromebook... It says 'acer' on it but Idk what it means.


Is it this one?


I's really similar to the one I have. (there's only one tiny difference, which is two little bumps that aren't on mine)


Is it touch screen? @TheRainbowChicken


Yeah, and it can turn into an iPad by folding the keyboard behind it.


Okay, when the new Android OS comes out you will be able to download Hopscotch when it comes on Android.


le speachless :0
Cool! :D


Your welcome for the information. I just want a chrome book acer. Im surprised on how cheeper than MacBooks. They are way better than MacBooks.


Is that real or did you make up the name???