I might leave if another topic of mine is locked!



sorry! sorry! very sorry! to avoid this from happening, do NOT lock any of my topics.


Mods or leaders close topics if they aren't hopscotch related or if it is a flame war!


I'm sorry, but if topics are off-topic or inappropriate, then they have to be closed. :wink:

Saying that you'll leave won't stop it. You need to make useful topics! :D


I need to call some leaders!
@SmilingSnowflakes @Gilbert189 @PopTart0219


@icu! If that's you in your profile picture, take it down! People can track you down and hurt you if you show your face.


Hey, @icu, and happy belated forum welcome! Your topic was closed because it violated our Community Guidelines. You can check them out here:

I'm really sorry if your feelings got hurt, because that's not why Leaders close topics. We just want to keep our community bright! Here's a post about it:

Link http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/continuation-dont-close-please/18114/17?u=intellection74



@Intellection74, why is many of your posts flagged?


That's because I was temporarily blocked to fix something on my account (I didn't do anything wrong), and when you're blocked all of your posts are hidden that were made before you were blocked. It's not a person, but @system who did it. XD


Weird! Is it fixed now?


Nope. My posts that are hidden right now will be hidden forever. At least they aren't deleted. :slight_smile:


I can see all your posts! The more recent ones are not blocked.


Forever? Woah.. That stinks..

@icu, leaders close things for a reason!jist make sure all of your posts are related!


Not forever, I have a script, I just need Liza or someone with access to either a psql console or a Rails console to run it :stuck_out_tongue: (@Liza @Asha @thomas)





@smilingsnowflakes If it is in the Sun, then it is so.


The mods are just doing their job. They never close topics without a very valid reason. :wink:
I am sure you could ask why your topics were closed :wink:


Lemme see why are your topics closed…:thinking:


Err, I dunno why is it closed either. Bubbles tagged the Leaders coz she didn't get that topic, and that topic got closed?!
Oh well, I really dunno…


Eeek! That sounds scary!:fearful:


I think that everyone could use a reminder on why topics are closed and what are close worthy topics- would you like to make your post into a topic? Or I could, with complete credit to you and some added notes. :slight_smile: