I might leave HS (not the forum tho)


The reason is the fact that the free version will be discontinued :confused:


I thought that it was just a subscription.... Aren't subscriptions optional? I think HS is still free...


You can still be a free user and you will keep all current features. Just some of the newer features will be subscription only.


By discontinued I mean will not get new features


Also, Scratch is better


I can't even try out Scratch. XD

Something is wrong with our computer that does have what scratch needs to work. XD


Flash Player?


Don't leave mobby ;-; My brain doesn't work well with scratch, I can't code there.

I too won't be able to access the new features, maybe not hopscotch itself!


I'm less hyped than I was ._.


That. Is . Not . True

The free version will still get updates, it's just that it will not get the new pictures features.


Don't leave, Pretty! :frowning:
You can hang out in the old version with me and the rest of my potato frens. ;-;


I might consider asking if I could get it/a PayPal


I ain't buying it. I'm perfectly happy with the free version.


Me too. Also, I think ads would be better than paying. ;-;
I wouldn't mind an ad popping up.


Err, no. Not in Hopscotch.


I'm gonna guess all the famous people will get the paid version


Famous? Umm


Me neither!


I'm not famous if you were wondering


I'm not famous and I'm getting the paid version!
Wait am I famous?