I might leave...... Forever



I might leave. I just don't feel like I have a place in the forum. Or hopscotch. I won't leave hopscotch though. But I might leave here. I just don't belong. Everyone has made popular games while me......nothing.




*pats on back *

shh it's ok dunt worri


Popularity and likes don't matter at all! Just keep working hard on your projects, and be yourself
As for you not having a place on the forum, that's not true! Everyone has a place on the forum and in the community, and each and every one of us is special and is an amazing part of the forum! :blush:
I do respect your decision, but it will be sad to see you leave :cry: We will all miss you!


tru dat




Hey, don't think that.:grinning: Just work hard and make awesome projects and you can see the results you desire!


Don't quit just because you don't have likes! Everyone is special!


Really @Nerd4Ever? Why so rude! They are going through something hard!!!


@BellaWafflez17, your profile pic is awesome!


Thanks! I like yours too!


People who are just saying "k":
That sounds really dismissive, and some people might find that rude. :frowning: You're basically saying "Okay, I don't really care." Is that really what you think?


You will probobly never leave
I left bit I just had the urge on what's going on.
You don't have to focus on coding if u don't want to but focus on helping others on forums!


You are fine @kubajr.


We aren't trying to be rude. K is a trend. A joking trend


< sigh >
People leaving really gets me concerned


Me too @StarryDream...


Noo! Don't leave @kubajr!!!!


Thanks for all the people who supported me! @Razor you are right. I should still be on because I want to help everyone on the forum. (but most of the time I'm the one who needs help XD) I won't be talking as much for sometime though.