I Am Leaving The App Because... I Had A New Product Called "Youth Digital", Online Courses For Kids 8-14. I Started Being Inactive Because YD Was SO AWESOME! On March This Year, I Got An Android Phone. I Soon Took My Mind Off My iPad When I Got The Phone, Being On The iPad At Certain Times. When Hopscotch Is On Android, I Will Be On The App! :grinning: Other Than That, I Am Leaving The App Until It Is On Android. :confused:

I Might Leave... :.(

Ok, maybe you could tell that to THT. But until then,


Have fun coding. It sounds like a lot of fun:)
Hopefully hopscotch will be on android because for ppl that don't have apple, they can't use it ( I have apple)


I Am Leaving The App. Not The Forum. :slight_smile:


You Do Not Need To Type Like This All The Time.

You can type without capitalizing every word lol.


It's okay dude. He can type how he likes:)


Why Did @Rodrigo Close The Other Topic?