I Might Create A New Account



Hi guys!

I might be creating a new account called “king” or “KiNG”.

Just wanted to let y’all know!



on the forum or hopscotch?


First! Hey, but you dont really need to tag the OMTL for this!

Shoot, Horse you beat me to it TT-TT


Got it
Tag @pomtl if you change it
Thanks for the info!


Is this like an alternate account? If so, please only create one and don’t go crazy with making multiple accounts.

Is this on the forum or hopscotch?


Thank you for telling us! Is it on Hopscotch or on the forum?


@HorseLover347 @ArtisticCoder @DECODECO @the_dancer @William04GamerA

On HS. And it will be my main account because of reasons that I won’t get into unless y’all want me to!

I’ll keep my forum account as this


Got it
What is the account called?


Okay, I understand now.


check my first post in this topic!


It’s not there
Can you link us to a project that you made so we can access it? Thanks!


the account will be called “king” or “KiNG”

but i have not made it yet