I might be leaving…


So… I think the forum is taking up WAY to much time. I want to code and I can't stop getting on to the forum. So, in the comments tell me if I should leave or if I should stay. If you want me to stay give me 3 good reasons on why I should stay! Also, answer this poll as well!

  • Stay
  • Leave


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@Refugeecat123 why should I stay?
@Candycane why should I stay?


Seeing as the Forum takes up a lot of your coding time, yeah, I think it's a plausible solution to take a break from the Forum.
And not just coding time— homework time, family time, and school/learning time are all impacted.

It's your decision in the end. But I think taking a break from the Forum would help you in this situation.


1. You are awesome
2. Minioncandy needs you for your collab acc
3 everyone loves you!


Because your an awesome person.

Its your choice though


Thank you!
@Candycane thank you as well!

@XiaoMiaoMi you are right… I think I might take a break.


Can someone add the OMTL? My I-pad is not letting me get it. @Candycane @Refugeecat123 @XiaoMiaoMi


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@Cash why should I leave?


Thank you!


Why should I tell you why
I'm just stopping by for a few minute stuff I'm still on my leaving thing


Can you please just answer? I would like to know why. That is all.


Because when another person leaves the forum becomes less annoying and crowded
cough cough me I'm annoying


Stay, just be sure to limit time and code more.


Don't leave plz you told me to stay it's only fair of you stay


i picked yes because you have great projects,, but if you think leaving will impact you in a good way then by all means, leave :smile:

just make sure to use your time wisely


Another person on the new Leaving Train?


Yep it ships your away never to be seen


Maybe you should just take less time on the forum.


I really don't want another person to leave.