I might be inactive :(


hi guys!
my iPad broke (not charging) so I may not be on HS for a little while. I can still be on the forum (I am currently typing this on my laptop) but just not the app. So this is just a small announcement just to let you know why I'm not publishing anything for a few weeks.
- CC :ribbon:





Thanks for telling uns!


its so weird typing on a laptop! XD


Ikr??? It's much weird :open_mouth:


update: my iPad may be fixed on Tuesday! and also, I'm not going to be on the forum that much either! I hope I don't loose my regular badge



also I'll probably lose Regularity soon


Good news! MY IPAD IS WORKING!!! Yay! Now I can go on HS again!
Can someone close this please? @Kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189 @Mathgirl ? @leaders ? I don't need this anymore

EDIT: thanks Gilbert! :D