I might be gone for a bit (resolved)



My iPad is refusing to charge, so I'm gonna be gone for a while. If you know how to fix this, please help! I'm not sure what to do. See you, maybe!


Might be a sad charger. Is it not working for any?

Sorry if you can't sort this out :frowning:


My only apple device is my iPad, so I dunno.
I'll look at the apple website.


I agree with creativecoder! I think that some chargers don't work..


I suggest you ask your parents. They can help you fix it :wink:.


Hrm.. I've had this problem before and I really freaked out :sweat_smile:
Try restarting your iPad, then try charging it again. And if that doesn't work, well, I have no idea..


Thanks guys! I'll ask my school for a different charger on Monday.




Wait! Nevermind guys! Someone turned off the power in my room! There's a light switch that was somehow switches to turn on the outlets xD. Sorry!


Oh... Okay then! I was going to say it's either:

  • Your charger (fix charger)
  • Your iPad is barely responding (restart iPad)
  • A rare Apple software virus or malware (it's über rare, but it's possible! Install an antivirus or cleaner app, and if all else fails, go to Apple Store to fix)

But apparently, it was an electricity switch! :yum:


Maybe the charger is broken. You can check by using a new charger. If it works, than your charger is the problem. If it doesn't work, than your iPad is the problem


It turns out the electricity was turned off. It's okay now! :wink:


@SmileyPanda, just saying, :wink:

Edit:Oops never mind CreativeCoder beat me to it.


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That happened to me once, my charger was bent where it plugged in to my iPad, I had to get a new charger, is that what is happening to you, if not it might be the iPad (edit: if it happens again not because of power):slightly_smiling:


I think you can buy new storage (maybe) but you will have to delete, notes, apps ,etc on your device


Try deleting some apps, especially if they have websites you can use. Clear your web history and delete some photos.


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Wow, yeah. I'm gonna guess that's it, then!