I might be back!


Hey everyone! I just got enrolled in my new school and my cousin told me that there were ipads for grades 3 and up! So since I am in Fifth Grade, I might get an ipad! But, what I dont know is if we can get hopscotch :disappointed: So dont get your hopes up. And as a response to @elsasouthernisles, I did not quit the forums or Hopscotch itself. Annnnnnd if I left a message saying I left, IT DONT MATTER NO MOAR. So I just wanted to tell everyone that I didnt leave. But if you want I will leave a short explanation on why I was gone for so long. Toodles! <3


Well hopefully they have HS!


Your profile pic looks like tem! :3


Says in fancy British voice Well I do hope so Ohohohoho XD


Hoi I`m Temmie! And this mah friend, Temmie! Tehehe




Hmmmmm Interesting XD


Ei hev en empaste?
Wel, ei ges wei'l hev tu hev e temmie bettl tu deseid hu es de reel Tem!


Wat??? This Tem don`t speak Spanish.


Yus ei du.
Meh Spenesh: Helu, meh gooste chucelateh. Veu gentuh mooerteh...


But I can sortatell what youre saying uhhhhh so you think I am an imposter and you want to have a temmie battle? What why!? I just like Tems a lot!


Moor Spenesh: Cemprunde Espenuol?


I ain`t gunna fight u @Tem Jumps Through the 3 storie window




Owluh @Tem! Coamoh stoce?


Mechoo gestu, eh too?


face palm
Um... @LadyKaterek what @Tem said was Temmie Spanish for 'I see dead people...' , it's a reference to ' Sixth Sense'.


Wy yu tel dem dat?!!!


Wrahtz eye 4goht wut saim wuz en spahniche


Laughs evilly and leaves topic