I might as well just leave. I'll come back maybe later in life when I think people will have actually replied to any of my topics


Just read up there and I don't care about goodbyes or I'll mis things I just think I don't belong anymore so bye for now I guess


Ok, bye! D:

You belong, but of you feel better leaving, then ok ;-;

Bai! Have an amazing laif! :D


You can't leave because you think that your don't get any replies in your topics! But, okay.


Wow. By that, I meant you can build your reputation higher and higher instead of quitting now.:confused: Obviously I know you can quit.

I just lost my respect for you.:neutral_face:


Bye bye then ;-;

If you feel better leaving, have a great life :D


I'm not gonna let a ten year old let me down! Dude, u aren't a baby. You aren't dum. You are amazing, and cool, all until you made this. I flagged it as spam (Cause it is spam).


Woah :0

Please be nice :0
I think she means she doesn't want you to leave just because if your reasoning :0


I had a post here that said why he did this and I deleted it cause of what he posted after that



Will you just being leaving forum

I don't want you to go but it's you choose

What do you mean by click bait @Over_powered_wizard1


I don't wanna leave this was a click bait but sorry
@WinningMonkey click bait is fake things made to sound and look real from the post or video and then it is fake


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