I may leave the forum. Nobody cares please read



I might quit. Depending wether my lovely crush accepts my crush on her. If yea or nay. I still might stay on forum. Give me 3 reasons to stay. And I might. This is no troll. This is the truth. Right now I am in a bad state of mind. Life is not looking good for me. So yeash. Give me 3 reasons to stay. And I might. Love you all <3. Listen to Friend, Please by Twenty One pilots, then you will understand how much pain I am in.


Hey I care.

Even though we don't know each other very well

I care


Hai, I haven't talked to you before, but I don't like chain reactions. I also don't want you to leave the forum.
I care about you :slight_smile:

  • You are kind.
  • You are helpful.
  • You play a big role, everyone does in such a small community.
  • If your crush doesn't like you it will be tough, I know from personal experience. But that doesn't matter, I know cause I'm a girl that if she doesn't like you then she is missing out. You seem very nice, so stay plz.

  1. You are awesome

  2. You are cool

  3. Everyone loves you


the forum needs more gays man

(im writing something longer but i gotta take a test)


Agreed :ok_hand:🏻


Haha same, gtg.


Oi. That is very reassuring. So I'm not the only gay who would be missed from this world. I still may quit. Somebody told me that I don't exist because I am a pansexual. List to the song Friend please by Twenty One Pilots. That's how I feel everyday of my life.


I'm annoyed rn.
Too many people are leaving.


I said I'm not entirely sure if I am leaving. I'm sorry.


Just a question, how does your crush have anything to do with the forum?


wh- what? i dont know you enough... this is sad.


Just because your lovely crush doesn't like you doesn't mean you have to quit the forum...
I think you should stay because:
- There will be one more person to help someone.
- Your profile pic is amazing.
- You are really nice..


I met her on hopscotch and we talked a lot and swapped projects. Then we got each others instantagram and we met there.


Well, if you don´t feel good, take a break and come back after a while. But I really want you to stay, you are awesome, helpful and you are a space cat.


I am a space cat. That's very true. I might rethink my plan. You make a good point.


Aww that's nice!