I may be quitting


Well now that Hopscotch isn't free, it is technically "commercial" (well it already was but now it costs money). That's bad, because Hopscotch will get less new users. Also, don't we all want a free app that kids can code on? Something that's very good?

I just don't see Hopscotch as what it is now.


aw sry I will miss you​:frowning:


Hopscotch can't keep running if it's always free. But I respect your decision if you're leaving. Bye.


Aww... Ok, I respect that decision. Bye! I will miss you ;(


I completely get your reasons… goodbye :frowning2:


Awww.... But if hopscotch doesn't keep making money then hopscotch wouldn't exist! Good bye...


It's free now.


It is actually 2.99. :dagger:?
Typo. :open_mouth:


They can't decide on a price.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I mean there are other good ways to earn money other than via the app.


Like what? :thinking:


Other apps, merchandise, a pro version subscription, etc


Don't leave! I will miss you soooooo much!!


it could create copyright issues, selling basically undertale content for $something
but i get how everything with UGC can create issues


Well, there just testing out stuff right now. They wanna see what way people like more, what way they make more money, and which way they get more downloads. They will probably make it free again by next week, like how they only made it $10 for a couple days.


They made it free now.


Well, bye. :persevere: Well see ya.