I may be leaving HS soon


Ive decided that I'm not gonna leave HS!
Thanks to, @KVJ, @Malie, @MobCraft and @Snoopy !


Welcome! :D
Do you feel "Welcome" now? :stuck_out_tongue:


You don't have to leave Hopscotch just because you don't feel welcomed. Hopscotch isn't for feeling welcome. It's for coding.


I totally get the feeling! I didn't really feel welcome either! But what I learned is you have to put yourself out there and make yourself some friends. People don't come out to you, you have to go to them. I learned that and now I have to grate friends, @Maltese and @Pingu!



Please don't leave Frenpai!!!!

You're an awesome Hop, coder, artist and friend!! Don't leave please.

And you're definitely popular/famous anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


And clearly you knew that ^ or you wouldn't have invited me to remind you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don't quit! Everyone is welcomed here, whether you know it or not! :slight_smile:


I REALLY don't leike it when people leave.
I am a verrreeee concerned Hopcitizen



Thx! Lol XD XD XD XD


That's a lot of #le_xds :0

Also why you stalkliking me??


Because i can. >:3 >:3


I concur