I may be hacked!- huggingfluffybear! Help!


Hey guys when I was trying to make a test account on the forum I misstyped my email and missed a letter and it had my password I do not want to be hacked! Please advice! I will not be able to sleep tonight!


Email the hopscotch Team!


I did! But don't think they can email till tommarow!


@liza @ian @asha @alish please help!


Anyone this is a emergcy!


They will reply on Monday. I would make a back up account and be sure to keep the password in lock down :slightly_smiling:


Calling @MobCraft @Follow4LikesOfficial


Yeah but I use the same pass for everything!


What am I gonna do! Please someone help!


Oh, I re-read it. Most likely, this account doesn't exist, or the person on this account won't care about it. Also, it isn't good to have the same password for everything-I would mix it up a bit


Wait this email may not me used but it could! ahhhhhh!!!


Yeah I should change some of my passwords!


I would change the password for the mis-typed (misnamed) account to something long and nonsensical. Then I would abandon it, since the name is wrong.


You will be fine, I wouldn't worry about this. For the future, I would triple-check the email.


I should!


I don't really get what you are saying but Mabey some tv will help!


Oh no! Here is what I suggest to prevent being hacked :wink::

1) Don't give attention to hackers. if you go around saying "OMG I really don't want to get hacked" all that does is make hackers what to hack you even more.

2) Email the hopscotch team! THT isn't checking emails on the weekend, so try emailing them on friday!

3) Make a spare account! Keep all your important projects & drafts on a spare account, and give it a strong password!



I totally agree with @SapFire :smiley:


Well I don't think they even know what hopscotch is so I should not be worrying!


Okay so what is the synopsis?