I may be going to hopspctch hq!


Hey everyone my mom said in a couple years I may be going to hopsoctch HQ!

This is so exsiting to me and I have a couple quiestion soft @Kiwicute2016 and @Liza

  1. Does it cost

  2. How many days will i be with you

  3. Do I stay there for a day and then go back to a hotel and then come back the next day?

  4. I heard with @Kiwicute2016 that she ate at restaurants is this true and free?

  5. What will I be doing there?


That sounds really cool!


It probably doesn't cost anything. The only things that will cost are

  • A hotel room
  • Gas for your car or airfare for the plane you will be going on
  • Souvenirs from stores


Oh well then that's easy and fine!!!!!


Cool! I may be able to go too! I think it would be better to email this to them however! :wink:


It costs 0 dollars, not counting the hotel fee and bus fare!

It depends! I stayed for a week!


You had to pay to eat!

You could be doing a lot of things!


Thanks for the info! Do you know around the cost how much food was?


Wait when would you be going? I would love to see you as well!


It would range from five to fifteen.


Really that's it?????


My dad and I have been planning to go in summer! If you do go, have fun! :smiley:


Yes I will! Have fun yourself!


Wait @Kiwicute2016 would my parents drop me off?


Do you get "chosen" to go or can you just go?


Well you ask and then they probbaly will say yes unless you say


then they will probably say no!


Cool I just asked and we may be going too!

What days are you going?


I'd LOVE to meet you in person :laughing:


Hmm what's your email I could tell you through there! Just post it and after I say okay I got it! Trash it!


It's in my bio!



No it's not!


What's hopscotch HQ
I am sooooo confused