I make Logos! Who wants one?!


This is a topic for coders of hopscotch to come and ask for me to make logos! Who's up for it?




Not rlly well. I have a 100.3 fever rn

How bout u


I'm a bit concerned about the usage of this topic? But alright...???

What do you do on this topic?


Talk about stuff like MCR, P!ATD, TOP, FOB. Stuff like thhat. @XiaoMiaoMi


i have a really strong craving for a brownie that has this on it:



i did that myself at befunky (NOT A SPONSOR)


listens to de.ath of a bachelor on a loop- me too



That isn't exactly emo? I mean, I can see where you're coming from, but it's not emo.
Maybe you could change the title to dispel confusion?


ohhh ok. sorry @XiaoMiaoMi




hi smish hows life fren


life's ok


im currently listening to P!ATD's new album on a loop. how about u :slight_smile:


I'm currently working on a social studies project xD


Anyone here like ATL? (All Time Low)


thats nice. im just waiting for that brownie.......


lemme check dem out @XiaoMiaoMi
Edit: theyre pretty good


So is that My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic at The Disco...and what's TOP?

It could be The Offspring but your talking emo so...


ATL's the only alternative band I can think of that I kind of like.

But Pierce the Veil is really, REALLY good; check out one of their songs!