I Make Forum Logos!


I now have a forum account logo form! I know I'm new, but I want to explore! Check out this link:


Thanks, Reece


Welcome to the forum! Can you make one for me with a bear on it? Thanks!


Do you want your name on the logo?


Yes please! I filled it out!


Thanks! I am working on it now!


Thanks a lot!!!!!!! It's time for a new pic!


Can I have one with like a Wookie/bear on it
No name
Make it cute​:blush:



Thanks! It's Ready! What do you think?



Do you want anything "cute" on the bear?


I want it to be really hairy and have a cute face


I love it! It's great!! Thanks so so so so much!


You are soooooooooo very welcome. I appreciate you liking it. :grinning:


Yours is done!



can mine have my name have Anonymous with a gray and black backround with random color hearts. TYSM!


Hi! What does TYSM mean? Sorry to bug you.


Can't like here is a heart!:heart:


Never mind. I understand now.


TYSM means ("Thank You So Much!")


Thanks So much that's cool


Thanks!:grinning: I'm glad that you like it!