I Made My first game after losing my subscription

(I cannot find a good category for this)As the title reads i made a game but, i feel like there isn’t enough. Theres minimal upgrades and the game gets stale after a bit. I cant think of much else to add though.

Heres the project, feedback would be appreciated.


I dunno I think the topic could go into “project updates”?

The game is really fun but I think the character you play as could be a big faster
Also maybe the world could be expanded a bit and/or decorated with flowers and such

Fun game tho! :D


That’s generally where topics like this should go.


EDIT: I just changed the category to a more fitting one.


Cool game @Deathly_Dragonite! Nice to see that you got something going without a subscription:)

If you need some help with finding a suitable category: you were absolutely correct, Project updates is a great pick. If you just want to quickly share your game or advertise it, other people are correct, we have a dedicated topic for it: General Project Updates Topic. However, if you plan to update this game and want to share them with others, you can use this topic. You can also make it a generic place to update people about your games. As you can see here, there are tons of individual project update topics! If this is just a one-off release, I can also move this topic to the General Project Updates Topic. Just let me know what you want to do:)


Amazing game! It’s simplistic but fun :+1:


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