I made my first drawing pad and new club? Notice


Yay I made my first drawing pad...and it now only has the hopscotch colors but in the future I will add hsb colors and skin tone colors..I am so happy that I did it! So to celebrate I made a drawing club! Please join it would make me very happy!

Here's the link!
Down below in the next comment!




Can someone even look at this topic?? Please


I think you gave the link to the wrong project :wink:. The link is for an art club register...


If know read the comment carefully because it says to celebrate I made a drawing club so please sign up so that is what the link is to!


Whoops :sweat_smile:. I read the first part...


Here is the link to my first ever made art pad!


Sorry, I can't join because (point's at icon) is my best art... :blush:


OK but if you want you can invite people to this that may like this?


You can do the friendly mass tag list! (It is a tag list with whoever wants to get mass tagged)


Yay thanks! Thanks so much!


Don't tag me please


HI sorry about the tagging but you can join my club. If you want


No thanks.


Sorry... I just used the friendly tagging list... :sweat_smile:


You added your name to the Tagging list, so that's why you were tagged!


well I no longer wanna be tagged


OK! And I'm very sorry about the tagging:disappointed:


HI snoopy! Do you want to join my drawing club?


Search the topic the friendly tagging list and remove your name then:grinning: