I made a secret account! πŸ˜„


Okay guys! I made a secret account in hopscotch! I don't mind if you guess what it is, but my PP account may be a little inactive while I work on this one... I'm a complicated coder on my new account!
I promise I'll still do PP. I actually just published a new quiz on my PP account!


If it's a secret account, don't tell anyone you have it!

Also, what's so great about all these accounts? PT and I did it for data, what is everyone else doing them for?


So you're experimenting with more advanced code? GREAT!

if for whatever reason you'd like help, I'll help XD


Idek :frowning2:… idek


I'm trying to see what the community likes the most. So I'm doing a variety of things, I guess!


But can't you do that on your normal account?


I'm experimenting. I don't know about my normal account yet, but I have some plans.


It might declog your account which would otherwise have many different things going on…


@friendship2468 wants to expierement on a new, fresh account. What's wrong with that's? You don't need to question, because you did it to. There is no difference between you and @friendship2468 making a secret account.

In response to @Gilbert189


But we did it...

Okay, I'm not gonna argue.


I'm really sorry if I sounded rude, and I don't want to argue either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:. Forgive me.


Does anybody want any clues?


There's a million accounts in Hopscotch. Nobody would ever guess if they tried.


I've seen topics where people have guessed who they are.




Well, you did ask for people to guess, and I didn't use any 'moderator tools' to deduce it xD I'll delete it.


I know you mean in hopscotch, but on the forum I've seen it too.

Bluedogmc-official could be a fake acc
BuildASnowman could be a fake acc
Gilbert could be a fake acc
THIS could be a fake acc


But in the case of Hopscotch can't moderators see everything?


Yes, I am a fake account. I am actually @DestroyASnowman


Because I knew nobody would guess lol p.s. Thx :kissing_heart:
(that was weird...)


Do you wanna build a snowman?