I made a new project, can I have some feedback?


I made a new project I would like some feedback on!
It's called Awesome-Draw!


I am playing it right now...


That really cool! Were you just messing around with code and you got this, or were you actually trying to do something?


I was actually trying to do something, but came out with this!


That is so cool! How did you do that?


Look in the code!

I don't know, in particular.


So it was just random code? That's the best type. XD


Woah, thats pretty crazy right there and its Xtremly awesome!


Wow that is really neat! I don't know what the shapes you can draw look like, maybe buildings, or mountains, but they look really cool! Gonna nominate it for featured!


Oh ok. Cool!


That's my favorite it's so awesome


Woah that's awesome :thumbsup:!

Experimental code and random code are some of the best types!




'Tis but the truth!!


That's so cool!!

Imma look in the code :3


Wow!! That's some really complex code!

Well done! I'm gonna nominate it :3


Thanks for the nomination!


It's pretty cool, but maybe make it easier to operate so it does some weird things, but does follow your finger.


It's supposed to do that! It's a crazy draw!


I know, and it's super cool! But you may want it to move around closer to your finger.