I made a new account/taking drawing requests!


So I made a new account called Happyanswers and I made it because I dont want too many requests drawings on my happy12345678910 or too many drawings ..or too many comment replies!!

So check it out!
I will also be taking requests for drawing so go ahead and request here!!?


Can you draw a pineapple with a happy face???????





Draw me please

SKIN-Olive tone
HAIR-Brown,long,and wavy
DRESS-A long purple dress with straps
SHOES-Black high heels
EXTRAS-Glasses-Black and square and Necklace-White flower


Can you draw a panda?


Yes...it will be done today....
Thanks for requesting...


Yes..I will try to get it done today..if not tommorrow
Thanks for requesting!


Yes this will get done today!
Thanks for requesting !


Thanks for the requests it made me happy to see that I already have
Three requests!!!
So to see ur request finished go to Happyanswers account!


Guess what!!! I finished yours already because it was pretty easy to do....I wish I could have added a little more detail but since it was Kawaii kinda I decided not to!! Go check it out on Happyanswers
Here is a preview!

Tell me what you think of it..if u are not satisfied I can redo it because I want u guys to be happy!!


I don't think I wil have enough room to go all the way to the heels is it ok if I just draw her body up to her stomach?


Okay that is fine with me


Are there any more requests??


Hi ;D

You invited me so hi


Hey wou,d u like a drawing request! Like maybe something Kawaii...??


Oh! I totally read the topic XD

Sure! :3

Can you try to draw a kawaii jumpyduckz pls c:


Sure,,,but what's a jumpyduckz........?



But kewler :3


Lol k..:grinning::grinning::grinning:
I was born to do cool...lol! Ok it may be done this afternoon or tommorrow cause I have to finish 2 more requests..and I have a question do u know a good hsb color that would represent olive coloured skin type?? I need it for a request


I'll try to find one for you! :3


Ok thanks I have been looking and I still have not found anything! I appreciate ur help!