I made a Hopscotch Hat



What happened was I wanted a Hopscotch shirt. But there are no Hopscotch shirts you can buy. So I decided to make a Hopscotch shirt. But then we didn't have enough fabric for a Hopscotch shirt. So I decided to go smaller and make a Hopscotch hat.

So, if you see a kid wearing this hat it's me :) Also, if anyone else has made a real-life project related to Hopscotch like this, I'd like to see it!




That's so cool. :)


Thats amazing!!! Good work!


I want to make a Hopscotch shirt soon, but I don't have all the stuff yet. I want to find the kind of paper that you can print stuff on then iron it on a shirt... Does anyone know what it's called?


That's awesome! If I see you, I'll recognize you right away!


That is awesome! :smiley: The colors look really pretty on your hat, and I think it was a super creative idea to do this. How did you make the Hopscotch logo in the hat? Did you sew it?


Kool hat :smiley:


Woah that is amazing!


I think it is called "Transfer Paper". I really like the hat! Good luck with the shirt, I can't wait to see it! :D


How did you do that? It's amazing!


I embroidered it. I took a class on it once... Once I embroidered it onto the black fabric I cut it and sewed onto the hat


That is amazhang!!!!


That's really cool and a great idea :D!


THIS IS SO AWESOME! Wow, I'm totally impressed. I agree, tee shirts will be so cool! Will definitely tell the team about your project. Stay tuned...


This is one of the Top 5 things I've seen in the forum. It's so cool! I wish I could make hats by my own, but I'm not pretty sure how :thinking: I guess I'll need to learn from the internets.

Congratulations, it looks so cool. Also, I do want Hopscotch t-shirts :open_mouth: If only there were a Hopscotch shop...


That's a Great idea! you and the team could sell hopscotch merchandise, I would buy some, then that could also raise money with the subscriptions :D


This could help make money for you guys like the subscriptions do but if this happens, the shirts will have to be sold at a higher price than they are made so you can make equity on your investment.

Are those the correct terms? I'm not even that sure but I think you get the point :wink:


What about selling from an online shop, like Zazzle? Then everyone could buy stuff!


Thanks so much!! :smiley: