I made a forum!



Hi everyone! I made a forum for discussing hopscotch. You can find it here. First 2 to join will be made moderators!


By the way... Does it require us to make an account?


@MemorableChicken, I signed up, mod me please! :smiley:
I have actually read the terms of service unlike other people. :wink:


I also signed up. Am I the second one?


I think so! :smile:



Ok, you are now mods! Yes, you have to sign up.


Please join! 2 spots for mod open!


Maybe we could make it a bit off topic since it's third party! :wink:


I was the first one to join, please make me a mod.


I did :wink:


I reliazed that 15 minutes ago, was I the first one?


Mm-hm! Join the chat box :wink: so we can chat


How do I do that @MemorableChicken?


On the top box when you log in click "Log in". It will not ask for a password, it will pop the chat box up.


isn't there already a forum for hopscotch? (says this on hopscotch forum)


Eh, I really wanted to make my own.


If anyone wants to join I am on the chat box!!!


I think I was, read above you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yup, Rawrbear was xD


@Rawrbear I am on the chat