I made a cool smooth background! Check it out!


The title is really self explanitory. Here's the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ybx91dxca

I'm not gonna post a picture of it because I want you to see it yourself! This is my first background that I've made, that's why I made a whole topic about it, so please hold ur flags!


Cool, @Zachyswag! :DDDDDDDDDD


First like! >:DDDDDDDDD


Woah thats awesome! I actaully made one kind of similar to it a while ago!
It looks cool!
2nd like!


So you used hsb ;D


Awesome background!! Super cool!! @Zachyswag


That's a cool background @Zachyswag!:grinning: I see that you've used a "Hue" value. Nice job!:grinning: