I’m writing a book (in Hopscotch)


Hey people, so… I love to write, and I decided I want to make a book, but in Hopscotch, to see how it will work out! I need ideas, characters, and yeah. Tell me your ideas and if you wish to be in it! Can’t wait to hear from you!


if you help me u get a cookie




I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to help, since I don’t have a hopscotch account, but I’ll help in any way I can!


Could I maybe be in it? My character looks like my pfp

Thanks! I can help with the writing part too if you want/need help :3

(I love to write)

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Maybe it can be about characters who are traveling but the bad characters from the evil kingdom are after them for their powers?


You can be in it!!!


Nice idea. Imma twist that plot up a little


Thanks! Do you need more about their personality, or do you want to come up with that?

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Maybe you could include me in it!


Could I help you write it! I really like writing!


@Silverdolphin yes you may help
@apricity yes
@SantaClaus we’ll see how we can include you.



Could I maybe be in it?

As my oc Raven?

Appearance: Raven’s a Valkyrie with dark grayish wings, black hair, pale skin, and dark eyes. She often wears dark clothing, usually yoga pants and a tank top over a long sleeve top. She’s also good with swords and a bow and arrow.
Personality: Strong, fierce, brave, warriorish, quiet, clever.
If there’s good and bad sides, she’s usually a lone wolf, on a sort of neutral side, helping whoever she feels like. If she was associated with an element it’d be storm.

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sorry for asking n being annoying n stuff, but could I maybe be in it ?

as this?

if I can’t that’s fine, I’ll still help with it if I can!


Yup. Sounds cool!!!


Sure, of course :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Thank you!


No problem

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Hi! This is a cool idea. I love to write so much, so I’d love to give tips if you need some.

Also, can I join your tag list please?


Why not?


So here’s my character thing

I dunno what this is okay

They are a non binary (goes by they/them) person named Finley or Fin. They come from a world where people have wings, and theirs were dark and big and black. But then they got in an accident (which they dont like to talk about) and lost one of their wings, one of their arms, and part of their face and was forced to come to the world that the story takes place in. Now their part “cyborg”, person, and bird, and have trouble flying sometimes. Shy, quiet, untrusting to new people, but kind, and fiercely loyal to their friends. Tall, clumsy, but good at fighting with a metal sword, and used to be really good at air combat (now off-balanced)

aaand i think that’s about it.

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