I’m new here, pls help.


So, I have Hopscotch but I just got this and I don’t know how to use this. Can you help me?


welcome to the forum!

heres a topic i made that might be helpful


Hi if you want you can hang out in my gt


hey welcome to the forum
if ya need help or have any questions tag me like this: @HorseLover347


Hello and welcome the forum! Here is a great topic to get started:


I’m just happy that you didn’t join in 2016


I know where your coming from


What happened in 2016? @StarryDream


What happened then m8


What happened in 2016 m8


Hi friend! Welcome to the forum.
If you need anything then you can just @ me!


We were cringy back in the days


I’m new too


I’m not dat new ,


It was too over enthusiastic
And what not
Always stuck to the rules
And omg the c r I n g e is unreal


Good dog. That sounds so, fake. Like it had an illusion of joy. That kind of reminds me of the shining


i’m still considered new and i joined in september. you’re still new


I joined 4 weeks ago


you’re new


But I’m probably the oldest here