I’m leaving permanently


In 24 hours I will no longer be on the forum. It’s honestly been a fun few years on here, and I’m going to miss you all. The forum may have been destroyed, but at least it was destroyed by some great people. And before @Aariv starts screaming about how he singlehandedly made me leave the forum, I’ve been planning this for a while. With 8th grade coming up, I won’t have any time to be on here. If you want to say anything to me, please leave it on this topic. I’m not going to post anywhere else. Please don’t tag me after I officially leave. I don’t want an excuse to come back. And @Aariv, it looks like you finally got what you want.


I haven’t got what I wanted yet,Aether. Have fun irl


bye Aether

stay legit


Well, have a good time.
You were a noble gladiator and a fun guy.


Goodbye aether…let it be known that in ur stay here I went from hatred to mild admiration of ur presence here…I will never…give you up…


aether we will miss you
and aariv… honestly why the fvcc


Good riddance I say

Twenty characters


Ha ha sb74 doesn’t know how to cheat the 20 character rule


Actually @kitty4u taught me I simply forgot how.

I’m new to this place anyway


No I know I just like to bully people it makes me feel superior and assured in my own meager self worth


Didn’t really notice you.



I don’t know who you are but, goodbye.


< Good Bye @Radiant_Aether @Aether >


Bye. I will really miss you, you are an awesome person! Have fun IRL.


Okay, I never knew that you were alive but,


Bye although I dont know who u are


Bye @Aether and @Radiant_Aether!!!
We will miss you…
Specially the baddy one shoe people


dude, what’s wrong with you?

Bye Aether… We’ll miss you actually believe it or not.


You’ve tried really hard to help the forum, and I admire that. Just try to tone it down a little. One last request from me.


Yeah, peace cannot be done by force.