I’m having issues with liking projects


They go in le circuitry durrrr


I think it’s the cause of your internet connection, it happened to me before so I had to connect to a different wifi


I were thinking about posting this on the forum too. My problem is that it I can’t open a link to a project and then use the like button that pops up. I’m not sure if it affects all projects or just ones that I’ve already liked.

The HTTP code 400 means “Bad Request”, which could mean that The Hopscotch Team just haven’t updated their code for when you press the like button on Hopscotch. You can read more about HTTP 400 here:

Bug Report (Does Anyone Have This?)

This literally always happens to me, so don’t worry.

It is probably your internet connection/WiFi. Make sure you double-check that to make sure it is secure.

If it is not, just try powering off your device and then turning it on again. That should be a quick-fix. If it doesn’t work, let me know!