I’m having issues with liking projects


(Ooh, I like that this template automatically shows up when I select the #hopscotch-bugs category!)

Your username: tankt2016

What kind of device are you using?: An iPad. I have no idea what kind it is.

1 sentence description of the problem: I tried to like @KVJ’s latest project. I tapped the like button a few times, and each time it came up like the picture below. (After a couple of tries it worked.
Later, I viewed Trending. I liked a few projects, then tried to like a drawing someone drew that was also on the Trending tab. The same thing happened. It didn’t happen with all the projects I’ve liked since the update, which isn’t much, probably about ten.
Both KVJ’s project and the drawing were both on Trending. I wonder if that had something to do with it. Then again, I liked some other projects on Trending and had no issue with those.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Try to like.
  2. Sometimes it won’t work.

I expected this to happen:
Duh, I expected it to work.

But instead this happened:
But, also duh, it didn’t work.

Here’s a sweet screenshot:
The arrow is pointing to the project I tried to like.

Also, did the forum update recently and all the custom tags were deleted? I can’t find a custom tag that I want to add to this topic, #psychochickens.


The tags weren’t deleted it’s just you can only use certain tags when creating a bugs topic


Oh, okay. Makes sense.


This happens to me when I view a project that I have already liked, and that somebody liked, and then I like it again.


But I haven’t liked either of the projects that I tried to like before.


Then I am pretty clueless


were you connected to the internet?


Uhh, come to think of it, when I tried loading the forum ten minutes ago, the internet was kinda faulty, and I had that issue earlier today…


The irony of this title…


Lol, yeah…


Postobomb. Also thanks lol


There is a GIF for literally everything.




Were you joking about leaving for nine years?


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Then why are you back for tonight?
and why nine years?


That’s what ghosts do, dontchaknow?


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