Hi it’s me FRENCHWAVE123 you may have heard that name before I have gotten 2 features 1 trending and 1 rising I would like to know what you think of my games tell me with a reply😁!


Hi @FRENCH_WAVE123, welcome to the Hopscotch Forum! I’m SmileyAlyssa😊, I follow you on Hopscotch! I really like your YouTube projects!


Thanks😄 smiley alysa!


hi frenchwave hihihi
welcome to the forum


edit this FW

nindroid. texas :slight_smile:


Welcome, @FRENCH_WAVE123

I am so happy you joined the forum!

Be sure to check out some of the latest topics! If you want to notify someone, tag them using the @ sign: @Swati_Bang. Please do not hesitate to tag me if you have any questions.

Start liking, commenting, and reading! Get yourself used to the forum and you used to the forum!



I actually found a really awesome Hopscotch account (your account) because that you joined the forum!


Thank you so much i am a big fan of your trail art!


Really? Thank you! That made my day :slight_smile:


And that made my week!