I’m back (for like the 8th time)



Well I left the hopscotch forum when I was 10, now I’m 11 almost 12. I’ve been gone for a LONG time


Does anyone even remember me? (I doubt it)


Welcome back! I don’t think we ever talked but I hope we can be friends :D

Happy early birthday :)


Hey I remember you:00


Welcome bakkkkKKKKKK

join the yam fam if u want some FRANDS


i remember u lol


I half remember you! XD

I left when I was ten too, now I’m almost twelve :00


Welcome back! I actually remember you and I have seen you on here a lot (while you were active). Do you remember me?


Welcome back! We have never talked or became friends, but now that you are back I am glad we have the chance to!

I have never heard of you on hs… what is your username?