I lost my regular that I've worked so hard for ๐Ÿ˜ข


So just now someone flagged me and I lost regular
But isn't the rule (correct me if I'm wrong) to tell someone that they're being off topic or un hopscotch related before they flag?
Because they just flagged me with out telling me
If they just told me it was off topic I would delete the post and it's over with
But now, they never told me and I lost regular :frowning: which means I can't get leader :pensive: ( ๏ผ›ยดะ”๏ฝ€)


No. They don't have to tell you before they flag.


Oh I thought that was a rule
I thought someone told me that was a rule, maybe it was just a dream.
Thx @Kiwicute2016


Just because you don't have Regular doesn't mean you can't be Leader! You're right, it is a little more considerate to ask a person to get back on topic before flagging, but it's not a rule. :)


And also, you didn't lose regular because of flags.

You haven't been active enough nor read enough topics/posts.


Thx @Intellection74 that really cheered me up :smile:
Can we be friends same with u kiwi?


Sure! I'm friends with everyone on here.


Oh that's because my family is moving and we don't have a lot of time for iPads or iPhones :frowning:


Try savoring your time that you have on your iDevice so you can read lots of posts and gain Regular again!

I'm pretty sure you have under 20 (even 5) flags @Gabe_N so I wouldn't worry.


Ok thx, also I gtg now bai
I literally had two mins ;-;