I lost my Regular badge! IDID!



I think I'm a basic user or member again! I lost my Regular badge! I'm literally CRYING right now because I lost my Regular badge! What's my trust level now? I don't know!
@Liza @Ian @Asha HELP!!! IS THIS A GLITCH?! I'm SOOOOOO sad! I know I get a lot of flags but Liza, you told me my badge wouldn't be taken away!

Why? WHY, WHY, WHY?!


O_O omg!! what happened! i truly hope its a glitch!


Ok, stay calm. When did this happen? It may be a glitch


No I think it's because I have like twelve flags but Liza told me I'd stay Regular!


I don't know, today? I neeeeeeeed help! Can somebody email the Hopscotch Team?


Oh no! I'm so sorry!!! And you have been active on the forum too so we know it's not that!


Ok, it may be a glitch. Show us a screen shot, it may help. Stay calm! It could be just a simple glitch


It shows you're a member now. @BuildASnowman?


Ahh this is so weird this is probblay a bug Sam can you help?


Ok, try checking with a mod or email the Hopscotch Team. @Liza do you know what's happening?


Oh no! I hope it's just a glitch and I can get fixed!


Ok, I re set you to regular. You should be good now. Tag me if something goes wrong!


Is there a way you can delete my flagged posts? Also I'm kind of embarrassed can you please delete that?


Thank you so much! I'll check. Nevertheless, you can remove my flagged posts?


You are a regular!!! YAY!!!


Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you try not to lash out at people as much, you won't get flagged more. I know you're a great help to this community, but please remember to always be kind.


Thank you everyone for the help, but I need to go and take a shower. SEEYA!


Yay, you're back to a regular. Everyone gets da hugs 4 being helpful


That may be a little hard for me, now I think I can do anything because I punched someone in the face today....


Just try your best and you'll do great! :wink: