I lost my draft for the Annual Hopscotch Summer Contest! Help!



I made a draft for the summer coding contest, but when I looked for it today, IT WAS GONE!!!!!! I worked SO hard on it ;-;
Please help @liza @asha @meg @alish @ian!!!!!!!!!

-a very disappointed apple


Did you check all of your drafts? Sometimes mine gets pushed back all the way to the end and it really annoying!


Ugh! I absolutely hate when that happens!
Luckily, you can always email the team at help@gethopscotch.com (I think :3) and ask them to pull it out for you!


@PenguinGaming713 yeah I did ;-;

@Snoopy thanks! I'll try that!


Did it have a lot of code?


Yeah it did ;-;

It was one of my best games. D:


That happened to me too once! I raged quited! XP


Yeah ;-;

@Hermione do you wanna build a snowman make a topic for the trading projects thing?


I think there was a bug with that and code or the whole draft disappearing.
@thomas think you can help @Rainboom?


No we can use this one I think!


@Rainboom: can you give me your hopscotch username and the project's name?


Her hopscotch name is Rainboom​:smile_cat:
I'm not sure about the project's name


My username is Rainboom​:smile_cat:

I'm not sure I have it a name... It might be called either "Untitled" or "summer project contest", or something like that!

Thanks a lot for trying to help :blush:


Same ! I was typing in the forum and when I look back,it disappeared


Have you find your draft?


No ;-;

But I'm making another game and honestly I think it's a lot better! :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny:︎ :D:D:D


Oh! The project that I lost....Is probably the best I ever made...


;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; D:

I feel so sorry for you....... ;-;


I'm not saying it's the best project.Im just saying that I work extremely hard on it and it disappeared


I feel sorry to you too.But I don't want pity