I Liked The Forum More Than I Expected



I thought the forum on this would be like any other video game forum. People were mean on other forums and i thought no one would help. But I am happy that everyone on this forum is nice and loves hopscotch, as i do :slightly_smiling:. Does anybody agree?


I agree I kinda thought that I was a boo hopscotcher on the foru, because my first topic got unlisted but whenever I am on I post 29 times a minute!


I really just started posting like 4 mins ago and i was like WOW THIS IS EPIC!!!


Yeah it's fun when you really start out I think of the forum everyday!


Welcome to the forum! I hope you have an AWESOME time!!


Thanks! :smile: I really hope I get to be a respected Hopscotcher some day.


Awesome! Its great to have you here! I'm so glad you enjoy this forum!


Welcome! I am fairly new also, and I had the same experience! Just @ me if you need any help. :smile:


Worng topic lol


OMG!!!!! I ADORE UR WORK, and wrong topic .-.


you meant to go here http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/how-do-i-get-people-to-notice-my-games/8885


I have been on for a while so I know pretty much everything about the forum I am working for the leader badge!


cool! Hope you get it!


Isn't the forum awesome?! :smiley:


Thanks a lot! Stay active and you could be leader after you get regular!


ikr :blush:



and others who I didn't mention

I just noticed I'm talking to famous people xD


I totally agree!! So much


Yeah! Practically all famous people are here! :smile:


including you @Rawrbear :smile: