I liek Hopscotch


Everyone needs to respect Hopscotch's works on this app.


That's true people should start to respect hopscotch more and appreciate the work THT does


I agree 100%
People are complaining about the new update and it's silly
And disrespectful
You guys can get used to it don't worry its awesome


Some people complain about hopscotch costing money. I'm not crazy about it, but THT worked really hard on the app, so many people play it, and they haven't made any money from it. They could earn a lot more if I costed money, which could be used to add more features and ideas in updates!


Hopscotch is free...


At one point it costed money. I don't know if it still costs money


Gobble-scrunchy-munchies (<- the sound you make out of sheer confusion. Kind of like an oh my gosh)

Your posts are so cryptic o.O