I liek Hopscoch, what aspects of it do you like though?


Reply with what aspects of Hopscotch you liek.


I liek the simplicity of it.


The possibilities and UI


I liek that it's so easy to start making (and finishing) a game/thingy :D


I like that it is easy to code and make projects.

Also, @Phase_Admin could you please change your profile pic.

It can be a little scary to the younger users here on the Forum.

Personally, it is scaring me a bit!


I know how to spell @SimplySouthernGurl. Please delete that post.


Off. Dane. Topic.




oh ok sry @Phase_Admin just trying to help​:grin:geez


@PopTart0219 (@seasoned.apricots) I still can get regular right...I just got two flags for no reason​:sob::sob::sob:...I was just helping and being nice and @Phase_Admin flagged me​:confused: please still let me have a chance to get regular back​:sob::sob:


Can you please not post that and you just had to mention me?


The like the community and that it is easy to code projects.
Your creativity can't stop when you are using it :slight_smile:

I use smileys on everything today :slight_smile:


So I wouldn't get MAD!


@Phase_Admin and @SimplySouthernGurl, it looks like you are arguing. Can you be a little nicer towards each other? :D


I am I was just helping him know how to spell like and he got all mad​:confused: @CreationsOfaNoob


Can you please delete your posts. This was a mistake of a flame war.




Yes, I saw your conversation. I understand that you got upset about him getting upset.


I'm not upset I'm very happy​:grinning: right now I am just confused why he is mad @CreationsOfaNoob


Chill, guys. I don't want to close.