(I left already) Zachyswag Just Checking In! :)


Guess who's back, back back back!


No jk. I'm just checking in on the forum since I kinda missed it!


So, catch me up on everything that's happened while I was gone! Let me see any new project you've made! Are there any new users on here?

Thx everyone!!!


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Big News From Zachyswag!

Well I shared some projects


Hi! Its creepy I was just thinking about you XD


Well that's some weird stuff there... :stuck_out_tongue:


Um, yeah...
lets see... new stuff...
Oh I know! I was told to "kill myself" yeah that was nice lol
Its pretty much been the usual :)


Cool. I'll check out that stuff later.


:frowning: I don't like when people say that to others. It's a very powerful thing to say.

Then again, at least you don't seem mad. Same MiNi I've always known! :slight_smile:


Thanks? XD
hows life been?


Good. Much more organized and focused now that I've strayed away from the forum.


Yeah, I'm thinking about taking a break. How do you stay away from it though? I might be addicted to it :p


I logged out and deleted the app. Then I removed the forum from "Favorite Pages" in Safari.

That's basically it.


Thank you, probably should do that...

Have you had spring break yet?




Sup bro? How's life been?


Cool :slight_smile:
Did you do anything fun?


@MR.GAM3R here you go


Our family went on a vacation to... a place.


Great! Good to see you doing well.


Welcome back, for today! It's good to see you again, I missed you. :)



Hai fren!!!!!!!!