I learned 1 thing


So a goal for somepeople is to learn something new on hopscotch

1. I learned how to report
2. I learned a new skill

1. @system(or anyone's) name is Percy Jackson(or whatever)
2. I learned a new curse word:________


i get it!
i don't get it


Excuse me, delete please this is off topic


i was saying i don't get it...


So you should learn something daily, post it here delet please


I love this topic!

@hopscotch_king basically, she's stating some examples of good things to do and not so good things to do on the forums!


Replace the []s with <>s! :slight_smile:


I learned how to make blocks full! @CreativeCoder taught me :D

Just take a program like SketchBookX (which is what I used) or ProCreate (which is what CC used, hers looks better than mine) and stitch two pictures together! :D